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Wedding Photography

Congratulations with your engagement! You want to get married on Lanzarote or just have your wedding photo shoot on sunny Lanzarote. Good that you are now looking for a wedding photographer on Lanzarote. Of course you want high quality photographs that will last you a life time.

photo's here

did we peek your interests? then the next step will be for you to get to know the photographer.
we find it important that there is a click between you and the photographer cause you will be spending a long time on your day with him.
this conversation can take place at your home (on Lanzarote) or by online video chat.

How long do you want the photographer?
A wedding is not just a reception or saying yes.
The day consist of many facets. From make-up till reception. From reception till party and everything in between.
And not to forget the wedding photo shoot on a beautiful location.

First set: Getting ready and pickup, this includes taking photographs of the dress, rings, make-up and the pickup of the bride up to 2 hour.
Price: 100,-

Second set: Wedding, arrival at wedding location, saying yes. Up to 1 and half hours.
Price: 150,-

Third set: Reception,  a maximum of 2 hours taking photographs on your reception.
Price: 100,-

Fourth set: Photo shoot on location, the photographer will spend up to 2 hours on your wedding photo shoot.
Price: 125,-

Fifth set: Wedding party hour rate.
Price: 50,-

Combination discount! save 75,- by having sets 1 trough 4 on the same day!

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