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Photographic Promotions

We are always looking for new faces !
As we do NOT use photographs from paying clients to enrich our portfolio we offer a limited number of Free photo shoots. You can sign up using the form below! The minimum participation age is 18 years, the maximum participation age is 37.

Free model photo shoot (TFP Time For Print)!
Similar to a test shoot, TFP (time for photographs) each party provides time in exchange for prints or images. Generally offered by those who are transitioning into a new area of photography or trying to build their portfolio of work.

For all our photo shoots we encourage you to bring a friend or partner as this helps to ease tension, Nude photographic work will never be published in our online portfolio but can be used as small images to illustrate the type of photo shoot.  You as a model will receive all photographic work un edited in original resolution on CD/DVD. A photographic contract will be signed by you and the Photographer, to Insure full understanding a copy of the contract can be viewed online click here to view the contract.

Having a problem uploading your Photos? Download our Photo resize tool here....
Simply place on your desktop select the 2 photos you want to use and simply drag and drop on the resize tool and 2 resized photos will appear in the same folder as the original.

TFP Models wanted for:

2 Spots
RUIN: A fun, Damatic and  artistic Photoshoot in the Ruins of old homes, hotels and unfinished places.  Photographs will be taken with dramatic lightning and most will be in black and white. No nudety involved, but model can be in Lingerie, maid uniform. You will receive photographs on a CD/DVD in original resolution (24.2MP).

1 Spot
Lava Queen: A sensual high contrast photo shoot, Photographs can be in Bikini, lingerie, topless, nude (Please clarify you're choice in the extra comments box) You will receive photographs on a CD/DVD in original resolution (24.2MP).

2 Spots
Under Water: Photographs can be topless, duo, mermaid like, sensual, dark and exciting. You need to be able to swim. Photographs will be used on this website and our portfolio. You will receive photographs on a CD/DVD in original resolution (12.3MP).

3 Spots
General Model: artistic nude (1 spot available), classical nude (1 spot available), erotic nude (1 spot available): Photographs will be used in our offline portfolio. You will receive photographs on a CD/DVD in original resolution (24.2MP).

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